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Total Closed Tuition's Job : 2310

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Case No Job Name Edu.Level Subject School Type Status Budget Town,City Actions
12916 F4 : Chem or Bio or Phy ( 1.5 hr per sub ) Form 4 Biology, Chemistry, Physic, SMK Open Job Tmn Desa Sentosa, Lunas ,Kedah
12915 F4: BM or Math or Sejarah Form 5 Bahasa Malaysia, History, Mathematic, SMK Open Job Tmn Amansuria, Sg Lalang,Bedong ,Kedah
12913 Form 4 : G. Science ( Female Tutor needed, any Race ) Form 4 Science(General), SMK Open Job Bayan Baru ,Penang
12912 Std 2 : ( BM+BI) Primary 2 Bahasa Malaysia, English, SJK(C) Open Job Air Itam ,Penang
12910 F4 : Add Math or Physic ( UK syllabus) Form 4 Add. Math, Physic, UK Open Job Tjg Tokong ,Penang
12909 F4: Math or Account ( UK Syllabus) Form 4 Account, Math, UK Open Job Pulau Tikus ,Penang
12908 F2: BM ( Chinese Tutor needed ) Form 2 Bahasa Malaysia, History, SMK Open Job Batu Maung, Bayan Lepas ,Penang
12847 Std 3: BM only ( any Gender, any Race ) Primary 3 Bahasa Malaysia, SK(national) Open Job Tmn Sri Gomabk, B.Caves ,Selangor
12845 Std 1 : Chinese School (All Sub) (School Teacher needed) Primary 1 Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, English, SJK(C) Open Job Teluk Air Tawar ,Penang
12842 Std 5(Private School): BC + Math Primary 5 Chinese, Mathematic, SJK(C) Open Job Subang Jaya ,Selangor
12840 Std 1(Chinese School): All Subjects Primary 1 Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, English, Mathematic, Science, SJK(C) Open Job Bandar Sunway ,Selangor
12776 F1: BM Form 1 Bahasa Malaysia, SMK Open Job Laguna Merbok, SP Utara ,Kedah
12775 Looking for home tutor for standard 3 student at Taman Aman Perdana Primary 3 Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, English, Mathematic, Science, SJK(C) Open Job Klang Klang; 41050,Selangor
12771 Std 1: BC Primary 1 Chinese, SJK(C) Open Job SS2, Petaling Jaya ,Selangor
12694 Teacher required for Chinese Junior High School Student to teach main UEC subjects. Form 1 Chinese, Mathematic, Science, UEC Open Job Kuala Lumpur Mont Kiara; 50480,Kuala Lumpur
12692 F2: BM (any Gender,any Race) Form 2 Bahasa Malaysia, SMK Open Job Jln Kuching ,Kuala Lumpur
12691 S4(Chinese School): BM + BI ( Chinese Tutor needed,any Gender ) Primary 4 Bahasa Malaysia, English, SJK(C) Open Job Jln Kuching ,Kuala Lumpur
12684 Std 6(Chinese School) : BC only Primary 6 Chinese, SJK(C) Open Job Balik Pulau ,Penang
12682 Std 2: BI only ( Female Tutor needed ) Primary 2 English, SK(national) Open Job Tmn Keladi, Sg. Petani ,Kedah
12681 Std 6: Science + Math Primary 6 Mathematic, Science, UK Open Job Medan Idaman ,Kuala Lumpur
12678 S4(Chinese School): Math + BM (Chinese Tutor needed ) Primary 4 Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematic, SJK(C) Open Job Alor Setar ,Kedah
12675 F3: Math (UEC Chinese version) Form 3 Mathematic, SMK Open Job Berapit, SPT ,Penang
12605 F5:Account (Female Tutor ) Form 5 Account, SMK Open Job Tmn Siakap, Seberang Jaya ,Penang
12601 Ms. Primary 3 Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, SJK(C) Open Job 300 Serdang ,
12480 Home Tuition @ The Peak Cheras for Standard 2 Kid (Private School) Primary 2 No Open Job Cheras; ,Selangor
12462 Experienced home tutor for my standard 5 boy Primary 5 Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathematic, Science, SK(national) Open Job Gombak Gombak; 68100,Selangor
12407 Mandarin tuesday noon time home tutor Urgently Needs ~~ at Damansara Height. RM 50 per hours Primary 4 Chinese, UK Open Job RM 50 ,
12397 Kindy for orphan( volunteer needed ) Pre-School All Subjects SJK(C) Open Job near Gama Supermarket ,Penang
12381 F1(UEC) : Math Form 1 Mathematic, UEC Open Job Tmn Impian Emas, Skudai ,Johor
12369 Upper 6 : Muet Upper 6 MUET, Higher Edu Open Job Ayer Balo, Pontian ,Johor
12357 Std 6: BC+Math+Sc Primary 6 Chinese, Mathematic, Science, SJK(C) Open Job Alor Setar ,Kedah
12135 F5(2014) : chemistry ( any Gender, Any Race) Form 5 Chemistry, SMK Open Job tmn Padi Emas, Alor Star ,Kedah
12914 Experienced Express Primary School Year 4 Math teacher needed in Bayan Baru Primary 4 Mathematic, SK(national) Pending Job 500 Bayan Baru 11900,
12911 Practice make prefect Primary 2 Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, Mathematic, SJK(C) Pending Job 30/hr puchong Puchong; Puchong Utama; 47100,Selangor
12905 Friendly Experienced International Syllabus O Level Physics Teacher needed in Bukit Segar, Cheras Form 5 Physic, UK Pending Job Cheras; ,Selangor
12904 IGCSE BIO and chem . rm 60 per hour Form 5 Biology, Chemistry, No Pending Job rm 60 cheras ,
12609 Clinical Pharmacokinetics (Pharmacy) Higher Education Higher Edu Pending Job Negotiable Kota Damansara; ,Selangor
12398 home tuition Primary 4 Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, English, Mathematic, SJK(C) Pending Job 40 IPOH 31400,
12392 Experienced tutor for Sejarah and Geography in Klang Selangor Form 1 Geography, History, SMK Pending Job 200 Klang 41200,
12389 Primary & Secondary Tutor needed in Puchong Jaya Higher Education No Pending Job Puchong; ,Selangor
12388 SJKC Primary 1 Mandarin Subject needed in old klang road for $300/month Primary 1 Chinese, SJK(C) Pending Job 300 Petaling Jaya 68000,
12378 English, Acccounts, and Business Subject Higher Education Accountancy, Economics, Law, US Pending Job 2000 Changlun 06010,
12360 mandarin class for pre school in bukit gambir , gelugur, penang Pre-School All Subjects Preschool(Local) Pending Job rm 150/per month gelugor ,
12359 Experienced Pre-school (4-6yo) BM,BI & Mandarin teacher needed in Shah Alam,Sek27 Pre-School All Subjects Preschool(Local) Pending Job 30-40/hr Shah Alam; 40400,Selangor
12358 english teacher year 123 Primary 1 English, Preschool(Local) Pending Job ipoh 30100,
12356 Experienced Primary (Government) School Female Teacher to Teach Standard 3 and 4 Students Bahasa Malaysia - Rates Negoatiable Primary 4 Bahasa Malaysia, SK(national) Pending Job 30/hr cheras Cheras; 43200,Selangor
12353 Experience in Physics and Maths at O-level (SPM) and A-level (including UEC) Lower 6 Physic, UEC Pending Job Kuala Lumpur Setapak; Wangsa Maju; 53300,Kuala Lumpur
12325 Experienced pre-university calculus tutor needed who are able to come tom my place at ampang jaya for RM50-60/hr. Higher Education Computer, Other Pending Job RM50-60/hr Ampang Ampang; 68000,Selangor
12304 Form 4 Physics Form 4 Physic, SMK Pending Job 40 nilai Nilai; 71800,Negeri Sembilan
12281 BIOLOGY SPM TUTOR FOR BANDAR COUNTRY HOMES Form 5 Biology, SMK Pending Job $40/hr BCH Rawang; 48000,Selangor
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